Following the Governor’s Dec. 3, 2020 Regional Stay at Home Order,  lodging operations would be allowed to continue to operate as follows:

For instate visitors, short-term lodging (including hotels, motels, vacation rentals, and time shares) will continue to be able to operate as long as those visitors are either: (1) “essential” workers; or (2) traveling for COVID-19 mitigation and containment measures, treatment measures, or providing housing solutions, including measures to protect homeless populations.

For out of state visitors, a separate rule applies. Short-term lodging is allowed to continue to operate and be available if either: ( 1) those visitors are “essential” workers; or (2) those visitors are traveling for above-referenced COVID mitigation purposes; or (3) those visitors are traveling for non-essential travel, but the reservation is for at least the minimum 14-day time period required for quarantine

In an effort to maintain the health of guests and employees we are taking the additional steps below to ensure the safety of everyone at our hotel. 

We’re redefining our cleaning and safety standards with hygiene and infection prevention. We’ve added hand sanitizing stations, increased frequency of cleaning with high grade cleaning agents throughout the property.  Our dedicated staff and signage will remind people to maintain social distancing while in the pool & courtyard areas of the property. 

Check-in/Out: Once you have arrived the check in process is streamlined in our lobby with open doors. 

  • Upon arrival, all guests are greeted and asked brief questions to assess safety. 

Guests whose answer suggests COVID risk are not allowed to check-in to the hotel:  

  • In the past two weeks:
        • Have you come into contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19? 
        • Are your currently feeling ill or running a fever? 
        • Have you been maintaining social distancing / mask guidelines?
    • Guests are informed that everyone on property must comply with guidelines for social distancing. Failure to comply may result in removal from property
    • Signage at both entrances of lobby area “Must Wear Mask”  & “Social Distancing 6 ft” sign. Guest are asked to Social Distance while moving about the property and in all common areas including the pool area. Provide disposable masks for guests, if needed. 
  • Sanitized pens & Used Pens container (Front desk with sanitized after use)
  • Key drop container for check-out keys being returned (Front desk with sanitized after use)
  • Sanitized keys will be in plastic bags along with a new tv remote control disposable sleeve and will supply a mask(s) if the guest does not have their own
  • Staff must wear a mask during all guest contact

Guest Rooms: As always cleanliness is our highest priority. We will continue to maintain the highest cleanliness standards along with additional cleaning to high-touch items. All of the guest rooms at Alcazar have their own entrance from the outside with no closed hallways or elevators. 

Public Spaces: We will increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting in public spaces, with a focus on the counter at the front desk, door handles, public bathroom and room keys. OUR SALT WATER PURIFIED POOL & JACUZZI WILL BE USING CHLORINE DURING THIS TIME.

Back of House:  In the spaces where employees work “behind the scenes,” we are increasing the frequency of cleaning and focusing on high-touch areas like associate entrances and laundry rooms.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 760 318-9850 or email at .